Current Information for IIT-JEE Mains 2023:

After facing technical glitches in the initial sessions, the Supreme Court decided to reject a plea for another opportunity.

The Supreme Court on Friday declined to consider pleas requesting it to mandate the NTA to conduct more sessions of the IIT-JEE Mains Examination 2023. This decision was due to issues encountered during the first and second sessions of the exam.

After the Justices DY Chandrachud, AS Bopanna panel announced they would not hear the case, the petitioners decided to discontinue their plea.

Justice Chandrachud observed that the IIT-JEE(Advanced) exam should occur on Sunday, without any interference from the bench. He clearly stated that they do not wish to get involved and “Let Sunday be the day of the exam. We [the bench] wish to stay out of the way”.

Lawyer Shoeb Alam asserted that the Supreme Court had given 15 students a chance to retake the IIT-JEE(Mains) Exam in a separate session after technical glitches caused disruptions during the June session.

With the Advanced exam just two days away, it was clear to the bench that there would be little time to intervene at this stage.

Justice Chandrachud noted that closure should be sought, and filing of petitions can make the situation more anxious. The candidates who participated in the exams had filed a petition, complaining of technical issues that allegedly hindered their performance. The various difficulties they experienced were outlined in the petitions.

  • Initially, the questions on the examination would not show up on the screen, then they started to randomly appear and vanish. This made it difficult to decide which path to take.
  • Occasionally, the feature that allows you to proceed to the next question would cease to operate. This was a major inconvenience as it hindered progress.
  • Software malfunctions such as crashing, blank or frozen screens are common issues and can be extremely frustrating. It’s essential to have the right measures in place to prevent and/or cope with these occurrences.
  • With the emergence of new complications, the invigilators had difficulty in providing help.
  • The final score differs from the initial choices made due to the input parameters taken into account.

Repeated attempts to reach out to the NTA since June 2023 have been made without any response. It is not known if the 1st session of JEE Mains will be conducted again as the testing agency has yet to issue a public notice regarding this matter. On 14.07.2023, the discrepancies were noticed by the NTA and then, on 25.07.2023, some petitioners approached the Apex Court to complain about technical glitches encountered during that process. Subsequently on 03.08.2023, relief and help was granted to only those petitioners involved in that case by the court’s decision. On 28.08.2023, the NTA notified some chosen applicants via email that they would receive an invitation to attend a supplementary session taking place on 30.08.2023 The petitions contest that granting permission to re-attempt is an acknowledgement in itself that technical errors did occur during the June 2023 session. It also condemns how NTA has chosen to provide this opportunity to a select few individuals only. Unfortunately, the second session, which happened in July 2023, also faced similar issues. Subsequently, NTA was requested to look into it. Eventually, the final ranking list along with the scores had been released & discrepancies were noticed in the result scores. The answers chosen by the candidates differ from the answer key provided by the examiners. The petitions highlighted the fact that when NTA realized they were facing technical issues with the UGC-NET Exam due to necessary security patches, they promptly re-notified it. Candidates who took the JEE Mains exam were not informed of the issue. Their applications were sent by Sumanth Nookala’s lawyers instead.

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