About Us

Unlocking the potential of tomorrow’s leaders with world-class education. Agastya College provides the best coaching for IIT, JEE MAINS, ADVANCED, and NEET in Hyderabad. Come join us and be a part of our success story!

Vision & Mission

Agastya College is dedicated to giving every student the chance to excel by providing access and support. Their dedication towards helping students succeed is unparalleled. Agastya is driven by an innovative and learner-focused attitude that allows them to provide various courses and services tailored to different kinds of students worldwide. These pathways aid in attaining associate degrees, certificates, and career readiness. Students can easily apply and get admissions to the best colleges in India that specialize in IITs and NEET medical colleges. Showcase your capacity to utilize critical thinking and assessment when making decisions. Showing ethical responsibility towards our civic, environmental and social obligations is essential. Taking action to ensure that they are met is an integral part of being a responsible citizen and member of our community. Show off your ability to find, understand, evaluate and use information effectively. Show eagerness to think outside the box and possess the ability to solve complex issues with adaptive and creative solutions. Showing respect and admiration for visual and performing arts is important, as they help to ignite creativity and foster a sense of appreciation for the world around us. Showing respect for cultural & global diversity is essential in order to foster a cohesive and inclusive environment. Demonstrating an understanding of different cultures and backgrounds provides us with unique perspectives, which can help us to better understand the world around us. Establishing effective communication & interpersonal skills is important in order to succeed. Make sure you hone these skills and apply them regularly in order to maximize your success potential. To be effective in today's business environment, it is essential to use scientific and quantitative reasoning in order to make informed decisions. Using these methods will help one understand complex issues and find solutions quickly. By teaching students in-depth knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology, they will be able to develop the necessary skills to succeed in these fields. Our mission is to help students succeed and stay competitive in today's ever-changing world. We offer career and technical education that is responsive to the needs of the current job market. Additionally, we strive to boost foundational skills among our students for better long term success. Academic Excellence is of utmost importance to us, which includes freedom in academics along with responsibility, commitment and acting ethically. With the rapid changes in the education system, many students are missing out on basic communication skills. We strive to bridge this gap by providing students with comprehensive training in language and communication. Our courses are designed to help them gain confidence and excel in this area.

Our Values

We believe our students and their core values to work with more passion, Team work, Integrity & Accountability that leads to a greater heights

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Our Core Values

Do the right thing

Always make responsible decisions based on professional insights

Focus on the student

Everything else follows

Thrive together

Greatness comes from unlocking each other’s potential

Respect each other

Make the work place safe and secure

Sharpen your axe

Keep updating your skills