NEET Preparation Tips

1. Commit: Burn your Ships

  • In the year 1591, during the war against Mexico, the Spanish commander ordered to burn his ships so that his men would have no second thought and commit to “either conquer or die” attitude
  • Pont of no return helps to try out with absolute commitment and resolve
  • Decide and do not think about alternate options until NEET 2022 is over

2. Focus on things in your control

  • Preparation is completely in your hand but the final result in NEET 2022 depends on many factors
  • “I am not going to regret about my efforts”
  • “Even if I fail, I fail fighting”
  • “Win everyday to win the final day”

3. Manage Pressure - constructively

  • Pressure and stress come from expectations – self, parents, friends, relatives …..
  • Pressure and stress – part of every one’s life
  • How you use it is your choice
  • Pressure can help you being alert and be focussed on your goal
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4. No Social media till NEET 2022!!

  • Prove your commitment to your dream of becoming a doctor
  • Social media and learning can not go together in this little time available
  • No more procrastination – what needs to be done, should be done right away

5. Planning – be realistically aggressive

  • Do not stuff the day-planner with too many things
  • Every day you should be completing around 90% of the tasks you planned for the day – ideal
  • Appreciate yourself when task is completed as planned
  • Daily mini-celebrations boost your confidence and shows that your moving towards your goal

6. Prioritize smartly

  • High weightage and easy to master topics first
  • Strengthen your strengths – 80% of the preparation time
  • Weaken your weaknesses – 20% of the preparation time
  • Past year papers – last 10yrs

7. Pomodoro technique

  • 1hr 30 min to 2hr preparation followed by 15 min break
  • Repeat the cycle – proven method
  • Caution: do not let the breaks “break” your rhythm of preparation
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8. Prioritize subjects

  • Biology and Chemistry brings you closer to getting a seat
  • Physics brings you the additional marks to get you seat and rank
  • Different subjects need different style of preparation
  • Biology, Inorganic and Organic – reading intensive
  • NECRT (520 Marks!!)
  • Physical Chemistry and Physics – Numerical based – Practice

9. Train the Brain

  • A human being is nothing but a bunch of habits
  • Holy time: 2pm to 5pm every day – the period of peak performance
  • Write Mock tests only during the Holy time
  • Meditate every day (12.45 pm to 1pm)
  • Daily Breathing exercises in the evening

10. Mock tests

  • Too many is as bad as too little
  • One to two days gap between the Mock tests helps to analyse the mistakes thoroughly and do the remedial work
  • Write the Mock tests which are exactly at par with the real NEET Test

Bonus tip: Flip the routine

  • “Prepare to give a test” to “give a test to prepare”
  • Mock tests should tell us the important subtopics which must be revised
  • After the Mock test, study the Notes and NCERT book like a “dictionary”


  • When you do your best you can only win irrespective of the final result
  • Best wishes for your preparation
  • We are always there to support you