Who leads the team of faculty: The vision and planning of the institution are guided by Team Agastya, which is led by Founder-Director Mr. A Naveen Kumar is renowned educationist with over 26 years of experience in teaching for competitive examinations,college education and worked in leading positions in well known colleges.His vast knowledge , experience and leadership provided by Mr. Naveen kumar , ensures that the institution is always moving forward in right direction towards its goal providing quality education.

Class Strength of 45 students per section: A lower teacher-to-student ratio provides an opportunity for deeper interactions between the students and teachers. This leads to better learning outcomes as teachers have more time to focus on individual student needs and provide personalized guidance and support. The smaller class size also allows teachers to quickly identify gaps in understanding and prescribe corrective action. This approach provides a more personalized and effective learning experience for the students, which helps them to progress and achieve their full potential

Mentoring of students by senior faculty: Each section’s academic responsibility is assigned to a senior faculty member, who serves as a leader and guide for the students’ academic development. This ensures that each student has a dedicated and experienced mentor who can provide them with the support and guidance they need to succeed.The academic progress of every student is closely monitored daily, and corrective actions are taken where and when necessary. This approach allows teachers to identify problems early on and address them before they become bigger issues. This ensures that students are always on the right track and progressing towards their academic goals.

PTM (Parents Teacher Meeting) once in every 2 months: Parents are given an opportunity by conduction of PTM’s to know the child’s academic performance and their attitude towards their learning ands the open communication between parents and teachers allows for early identification and addressing of any issues of students.

Working session by same faculty: Students will be able to focus better on what is being taught as their doubts get clarified by the same teachers who deliver classes. If students face challenges in learning or applying their learning, the teacher spends more time on remedial classes and additional practice assignments.

Exam Schedule: Weekly 2 Online exams are conducted such as IITJEE MAINS/Advance , neet, eamcet . This allows students to identify their strengths and weaknesses and focus on areas where they need improvement and valuable opportunity for students to practice their time management skills and to develop their test-taking strategies, which can increase their chances of success on the actual exam.


Error Analysis After Exam: A student may make mistakes during examinations for a variety of reasons, such as lack of conceptual clarity, errors in calculation, or sub-optimal effort. However, by identifying these mistakes and taking corrective action after every examination , the margin of error can be reduced by this error analysis program.

Performance review once in every month: The performance of students is reviewed in the last week of every month by the teaching faculty and centerhead, Director sir to provide counselling, motivation, and support for students to improve in their performance.