How To Pass The IIT JEE Exam Proven Strategies

Your complete guide to JEE 2023

NTA has taken over the responsibility for conducting JEE Main. This exam was organized by CBSE. JEE Main 2023 exams are now divided into 3 separate papers. Paper 1 is for candidates who are seeking admission to B.E./B.Tech, Paper 2 is meant for applicants aspiring for the B.Arch course and Paper 3 is required for those aiming to get into B. Planning program. The National Testing Agency (NTA) organizes the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main twice yearly once in January and the second being held in April. People have the chance to take it both times, with their best score being used to achieve an All India Ranking. The exam lasts for 3 hours.

JEE Main Eligibility for 2023

Here is a breakdown of the specific requirements for taking the JEE Main entrance exam.

·        JEE Main 2023 welcomes applicants of all ages – there is no maximum age limit to participate in the examination.

·        In order to be accepted for JEE Main, an individual must have graduated from 12th grade or any other equivalent program in either 2021 or 2022, or must be currently taking their 12th grade examinations during 2023.

·        To be accepted for the Qualifying Examination, applicants must have studied at least five subjects: Maths, Physics (or Chemistry/Biology/Biotechnology/Technical Vocational Subject), Language, and one additional course. Those with less courses than required won’t make the cut.

·        JEE Main is an exam that aspirants can appear for twice every year and consecutively for three years, allowing students a total of six attempts. So if you wish to apply, make sure you use your chances wisely over the span of three years.

Reservation Category:

·        If an individual does not fall under the creamy layer category, they are entitled to the 27% reservations offered by the Other Backward Classes (OBC).

·        Scheduled Castes 15%

·        Scheduled Tribes 7.5%

·        Those with a disability that have a 40% or greater impairment rating of 3%.

·        Recently, NITs have increased the female student representation from 8-14% in the Supernumerary category.

·        EWS(Supernumerary)-10%

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main has recently revised its paper 1 (B.Tech/ B.E) pattern and marking scheme, ensuring a fair system for applicants. This latest update promises to benefit aspirants by providing an efficient evaluation process.

To make it easier for students, the paper 1 exam pattern of JEE Main 2023 has been given in tabular form below.:

Study Plan:

Step 1: Get to Know the Basics

Grasping the basics is key to success when it comes to tackling the vast and comprehensive syllabus. Our helpful app can provide you with a range of free resources & study materials that can assist you in your journey. Get it now for free!

Step 2: Master Quickfix Techniques

Time management is key during the JEE exam as it is a speed-based paper. We have some free videos on our channel which can teach you some valuable time-saving methods, helping you breeze through different questions with ease.

Step 3: Address Chapter-wise Issues

To become proficient in multiple-choice questions, students should practice a variety of question types topic-by-topic across various subjects. This will help them to get familiar with the basics and any shortcut methods they can use. Additionally, they should take online chapter tests to devise an effective strategy for managing their time during exams.

Step 4: Answer to questions from last year

Understanding the types of questions asked in previous examinations may prove to be beneficial for students. It will give them an idea on how to go about their approach and strategy when facing the exam. This can also help them have a better understanding of what to expect from the upcoming test.

Step 5: Finish and evaluate practise exams

This year’s switch to the online format of exams has caused some difficulty for students who’ve had to adjust quickly. The best way to get familiar with this new system is by attempting as many practice papers as you can, and then using the results to analyse your performance. We have created a Telegram study group to help students prepare for their exams. Our group contains useful resources such as study material, quizzes and more, which can be used to fine-tune examination strategies. Join now for free!

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Our approach to instruction:

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Features of this course:

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