How to Manage Time in The NEET Exam?

Most students overlook time management, but it is one of the most critical aspects of the NEET test.

No matter how good the topic is, if you don’t manage your time, you will be left behind. 

Here are few things that matters are:

How to solve subject questions in order:

In most cases, students prefer to study biology first, then chemistry, and then physics. This is a good order, because biology scores high and easy, and then chemistry, because chemistry contains problems that don’t need to be solved. Finally, there is physics, because all problems must be solved and take time. Do all the rough works of formulas in a neat manner. 

Time for each topic: 

 You must decide the time for each topic,  counting OMR filling.

In most cases, students follow the rule that students should complete biology within 45 minutes, chemistry within 45 minutes, and physics within 45 minutes, and most problems must be solved within this time. You have 15 minutes to fill out the OMR, and you have 30 minutes to ask questions that cannot be resolved the first time.

Do not fill in OMR at the end: 

This is always risky, because if you do not have time to fill in OMR at the end, then it does not matter how many problems to solve, just follow the answers in OMR. The student circle has answered other questions many times. This error is more common when you are eager to fill the OMR. So it is best if you fill in it after completing or solving a topic. 

 solve the simplest questions first: if you don’t get the answer, don’t spend too much time on that question, just leave it, because at the end of each question is 4 points. You can try 23 more questions, that is, you can get 12 points on other questions instead of solving time-consuming questions, so please treat these questions for review in the last 30 minutes. 

 An important word that focuses on the problem. 

 is like “no” many times, but often hastily ignored. 

 marks the wrong answer. So pay attention to these words. 

 Finally, you must be confident and think positively when responding. 

 Sometimes there may be situations where you can’t solve 23 answers in a row, but don’t be nervous: chemistry and physics have 45 questions and biology has 90 questions. So you don’t need to ask all the questions, some questions should and should be left, because you don’t want to miss 1 point for the correct answer. Therefore, if you do not know her, please stay confident and continue to answer another question. 

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